Because for Americans a young boy of eighteen years is old enough to be send to a battlefield, ready to die or been disabled, but not old enough to drink alcohol. Love the logic in this country.

I’m not catholic, neither atheist

I found myself –specially in America, but also in other religious places and countries– that when I’m explain that I’m not catholic, everybody turns at me with a crazy expression –almost hysterical– and end up asking me, almost like if we talk about sickness, “So… Are you an atheist?”. Kind of funny, they could ask… Continue reading I’m not catholic, neither atheist

The “ungrateful” foreign exchange students – Part 1

(Draft) Dear host families, you don’t understand your role. The role that, during the time the foreign exchange student would be in your house, you are suppose to take. I’m speaking from my experience –that, sadly, I know I share with other foreign students– because host families are there to be a bridge between the… Continue reading The “ungrateful” foreign exchange students – Part 1

The day when the color of your skin determine your capacities

When I first came to America –that, by the way, is the United States and America is an entire continent– I was surprised by the many times I had to add my “race” in official papers. After babies are born, they are immediately classified by the color of their skin, as a proof of some… Continue reading The day when the color of your skin determine your capacities