The day when the color of your skin determine your capacities

When I first came to America –that, by the way, is the United States and America is an entire continent– I was surprised by the many times I had to add my “race” in official papers. After babies are born, they are immediately classified by the color of their skin, as a proof of some type of race. This, dear Americans, is bullshit. There’s not a good way to said or to express myself without sound offensive –but I’m not going to remain in silence-. First of all, the color of our skin has the same value as the tone of our hair, pure aesthetic. Is something that make us unique, but not something that difference us in our mental or physical capacities. Americans make a difference –and even they fight for it– that becomes a hide discrimination in nowadays.

White Native Americans have the believe –without any real reason than the ideals of the old world– that they are superior. Even if they don’t know –because people get offense if you told them that they are racist– they are, and more than a lot of other countries. Americans are hypocritical, fake in social media and very superficial. They avoid conversations with sensible subjects to be political correct, a mistake that make them really stupid and without judgement. One of my friends in America told me that her parents didn’t allow her to date a boy of another race because they didn’t believe in the mixture of races. I wonder what were their arguments to claim that statement, more than racist ideals.

Most Americans don’t understand what racism is; they think it only applies to black people (like black people matters or the segregation), but it also applies to Asians or Mexicans, between a lot more. In nowadays, Mexicans are the new black people, and the evidence is found in the support that Donald Trump has receive and his politics against this ethnic group (blaming them for everything that happens in the country without justification) almost like Nazis with Jewish people, now is Mexicans turn. And that, Americans, is not fair.

Is not fair, and it makes me throw up how Americans believe –and even fight for– a government that is racist and against the Human Rights. I can’t even understand how a country can be than patriotic with all the horrible things that occur inside it limits. The ignorance is above all, and they should be ashamed of their own beliefs most of the time.

Because, after all, the color of our skin has the same value of the tone of our hair, exactly nothing.


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