Bye, my old friend

My exchange year is almost over. A month, 31 days, are the count down that start tonight. I already suffer when the first friend left in December, I can’t even imagine the pain of been separate from the people I love. Before I came here I was afraid of love this place too much, and come back to be in pain. 

I was the first one in America, and I will be the last one leaving. I meet all the foreign students that arrive in this city this course, and I love each one of them; even the mute ones. I found my sister from Brasil, that will always be the sister I never had, I meet my new best friends from Korea and Slovakia, Swezerlant and even China. I love when we are together, how close we become. How I found in them a family. However, I know that this moments would never be the same again. We will never be all of us together, in the same place, sharing period or lunch at High School, or discovering new places. Crying and laughting together. Is over.

I changed this year. In all features, I’m a whole new person. And yet I still alone. All of my foreign friends are going far away from me; and all of them have friends in their countries. Families and partners are excite to see them again. All of them except me. I come here leaving a lonely place, to found happines and come back to that lonely place call home.

I was the first one arriving, I saw all my friends coming after me. Now, I will see how they left, one by one, this country. How each of them go into a plane crying and saying goodbye. And me, the last one, the witness of all the past. The remain of all the foreign exchange students of this year, will be the last one in finish everything. 

And that, my friends, is like be the witness of the beginning of new lifes, and the end. How everybody said goodbye, how everybody dissapears, how everything is more quiet and silence than ever. I was here where they started building their lives, and I will be here where their time is over.

I will be the last remain.

And like one of them, I will dissapear too. Because as foreign students, our time has a limit. And once you cross it, all became a dream.

We are nothing else than memories and scars.


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